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Motorhomers will know that you have to be a bit creative to get around once you are parked up, especially if you have a larger motorhome.  When we bought our first motorhome we thought we might use it as you would a car, but that doesn’t really work and anyway it’s much more fun to find other ways of getting around. 

Our bikes

We used Trek bikes for our first 4 years of motorhoming, we really liked them, they were very reliable which is just as well as they were our main mode of transport once we pitched up our motorhome.
However we have now upgraded these to electric bicycles so we can now hit those hills without trepidation and extend our travelling distances.  We tried out a few at the motorhome shows recently and have loved them, it feels like half way to being on a scooter but without losing the fun of cycling.   After checking out a number of bicycle shops we bought them from Rutland Cycling, Barnwell Road, Cambridge.  The guys in there (Stijn, Peter and John) were very informative and helpful and went out of their way to help us find the right bikes to suit our needs. We are loving using our e-bicycles now on our travels, we use them even more than our old bicycles because they make cycling easy whatever the conditions and terrain... we are still getting a thrill from being able to cycle up hills so easily! 

Our new ebikes & supplier  ...

Our Pre eBikes...

Trek Dual Sport 8.3 DS

Trek 7.3 FX

We’ve used buses, trains (steam and electric), trams, boats, our own legs, but our favourite mode of transport is our bicycles, especially when the weather is good, some of our favourite moments have been when we are cycling… through the centre of Bordeaux, along the beach paths in San Sebastian, around the Rioja wineries, through the estates at Chatsworth and Blenheim … the list could go on and on!  Have a look at some of the photos, we love taking pictures of our bicycles. 

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