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We are very pleased that our travels and motorhome have been mentioned via various media.

Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

As we were the first to order the new liner-for-two model and are covering our travels in it via social media we agreed with Carthago to write some articles for their newsletter - Note: archived newsletters can be seen in our blogs.

          Ray & Maria Dec 2021      "Carthago announce Ray & Maria as UK "liner-for-two Top Fans"


          Newsletter 20/07/2021 -  "Excited to be travelling again.!... - 2021"                                                 now archived

          Newsletter 20/04/2021 -  "Maria and Ray celebrate 2 years....- 2021"                                               now archived

          Newsletter 09/11/2020 -  "Ray and Maria: personalising the liner-for-two... - 2020"                        now archived

          Newsletter 06/10/2020 -  "Exploring on our doorstep... - 2020"                                                        now archived


          Newsletter 17/08/2020 -  "Finally on the road again ... - 2020"                                                          now archived

          Newsletter 16/04/2020 -  "One year with the liner-for-two - 2020"                                                    now archived 


          Newsletter 03/04/2020 -  "Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show in Birmingham Feb 2020"       now archived

                                                       for additional video information on other Carthago motorhomes        now archived

          Newsletter 10/01/2020 -  "Looking forward to the new motorhome season"                                   now archived

          Newsletter 16/12/2019 -  "Review of calendar year 2019 "                                                                  now archived

          Newsletter 29/07/2019 -  "Life in the liner-for-two"                                                                              now archived

          Newsletter 27/05/2019 -  "first impressions: travel throughout Europe with Carthago"                   now archived

          Newsletter 15/04/2019 -  "travel throughout Europe with Carthago"                                                now archived


We had a request via Carthago Reisemobilbu GmbH from the major Spanish "Travel Motorhome & Camper" magazine to publish some of our story.

        October 2020                                                                                                                                      - select here

Carthago Reisemobilbau  and  Pro Mobil

In December 2019 we featured in a Carthago brochure which was distributed around Germany in the motorhome magazine "Pro Mobil"

          Brochure  December 2019                                                                                                                - select here

Rutland Cycling

In June 2019 we were interviewed by Peter Bruce, Assistant Manager at Rutland Cycling, Barnwell Road Cambridge, from where we bought our e-bikes. We talked to him about our travels and how we've used our ebikes to add to our fun. Many thanks to him for creating this professional video.

          Created & produced by Peter Bruce 02/07/2019 - "Catching up with GoneAwayGlamping"     - select here         

Brit Stops 

As we regularly use Brit Stops (free motorhome stopovers all over Britain at farm shops, country pubs, vineyards) when in the UK, we were asked to write an article for the Brit Stop blog in May 2019.

          May Blog                                                                                                                                               - select here

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