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In this area we will share our experiences of the equipment we use, we'll discuss what we like and what we don't like. We will explain why we bought the equipment we did. 

We plan to cover everything using photos, videos and or social media from pre-delivery planning, delivery of the motorhome and the equipment we have on board with our advice and experience throughout our journey.

Satellite Navigation ....
We are now taking on our next equipment project, this will be looking at our Satellite Navigation equipment.
We feel this is one of the most important gadgets you can purchase to protect your Motorhome / Camper, it's so important to make sure you are driving and heading on roads suitable for the height width and weight of your motorhome.
Update on our Sat Nav......
We now have our new satellite navigation, we've decided on the TomTom GO PROFESSIONAL 6250, we looked at offerings from Garmin, Snooper and TomTom and with our criteria decided this was the closes to what we were looking for.
Our main criteria were: It must be suitable for motorhomes (size and weight input), screen size, safety camera options, map updates, traffic updates.
It's early days, but so far we are very please with it's performance and features.
Our old sat nav system.....
As explained below we have been using a Snooper s6400 for many years, technology features and providers have now moved on, so we feel now is the time to review Sat Nav systems on the market today and compare with the system we currently use, Snooper s6400.
We will be researching the major products in this market for a "Motorhome / Camper" dedicated system.
.........  Garmin  -  TomTom  -  Snooper.
If you have used one of the dedicated Sat Nav systems and have views on them please let us know ...
History ...
Many years back one of the first bits of equipment we purchased for our motorhome was our satellite navigation system. 
We decided to purchase a stand alone unit so this could be transferred to any vehicle, it needed to have easy map updates with the option for safety camera but the most important feature was being able to use the dimensions and weight of our motorhome to ensure safe guided routing, it also needed to have a large screen with European maps.
We looked and researched many different major manufactures satnav's that met our criteria list.
sat nav tomtom.JPG
Out of all those we looked at we decided that the Snooper s6400 Ventura was by far in front of all others on offer and met most of our criteria.
We have been using this unit faultlessly for many years now and been very happy with its performance, bright display and ease of use ..... and minimal wrong turns.
These are our eBikes, Bought from Rutland Cycling in 2019. These eBikes have been fantastic and so useful on our travels in Europe, without them we would not have been able to go to some of the little medieval towns as sometimes the motorhome is just too big to get through some of the small roads.
Pre eBikes...
These were the Trek bikes we had before we bought our eBikes, They were very reliable which is just as well as they were our mode of transport once  we had pitched up in our motorhome.
bike m.JPG
bike r 1.jpg
Our gas BBQ has served us well, we've used this on most trips.
We have a CADAC CARRI CHEF 2, we've had and used this extensively for about 4 years, it's been trouble free for all of this time other than two small rubber supports on the blue "burner pan" coming out and getting lost, these don't effect the working of the CARRI CHEF but just help support the "fat pan" ~ CADAC were very helpful in sending some replacement rubber supports through the post very quickly.
BBQ food.JPG
To help enhance our blogs we've purchased a video drone, a DJI Spark.
We feel that aerial images will add another dimension to our visual reports.
We did a fair bit of research in to which drone to purchase for our trip and this "Spark" suited us best because of its size (portability), price, and quality of video images for the price.
It's still early days in of our usage of it, but initial video and photo shots are very impressive, we will give more views (literally) as we progress through our journey.
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