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All the fun of the motorhome shows!


What a great few days we‘ve just had at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC. If you love motorhomes, this makes you feel like kiddies in a sweet shop! We spent some of our time on the Carthago stand talking to those interested in the liner-for-two, sharing our experiences of what it was like to live in it. Little has changed on the new 2020 model, as you’d expect given how new the model is, and it’s still getting plenty of attention and compliments, the lounge configuration, TV, bathroom size, quality finish and curves were praised by most of those who looked at it. As always though it’s not to everyone’s taste, someone said it was too like a caravan as the driving area is hidden when the bed is down.... well it would be boring if we all liked the same things! 😉

We loved the exterior and in particular the interior design in the new generation chic e-line, lovely matt wood finish, gloss bedroom cupboards and curved kitchen work surfaces, all definitely to our taste! Not surprised that Carthago call this model the crown jewel of the Carthago liner class.

If you want to understand what Carthago mean when they promise value to their customers, look out for their Premium DNA labelling on their show motorhomes, describing what makes these motorhomes worth investing in!

And freebies are always appreciated ... particularly loved the gingerbread! 😋

It was such a treat to spend three days talking to other motorhomers about all things motorhomes, travelling plans and experiences. The Carthago Owners Club were next to the Carthago stand so plenty of opportunity to swap stories there, with John and Barbara amongst others. Also big thanks to Tash and John (Life Beyond Bricks) who came to introduce themselves, what an inspirational pair they are, living full-time in their motorhome, really living their dream. And that was a good enough excuse to share experiences over an end of day drink!

And Maria got to see some of her favourite spaniels.... Max Paddy and Harry, who we follow on Facebook (Max Out in the Lake District) and heard an update on Kerry‘s story of how Max saved him from his depression.


We do like a motorhome show, so when we were in Germany a couple of months ago we also took the opportunity of going to the Düsseldorf Caravon Salon. That takes motorhome shows to another level! We’ve never seen so many motorhomes in one place, even the size of the temporary campsite is mind-blowing! It was really interesting to compare it to the various UK shows we’ve been to - there’s obviously more halls, a bigger range of continental models, Carthago amongst them of course whose stand in itself took us a couple of hours to check out, and there was more sunshine! All in all well worth a visit even though it didn’t seem to have the same range of accessories and travel info that we enjoy at the NEC.


We’ll be back at the NEC in February 2020 for the next show so look forward to meeting more people then 😀


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