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Bye-bye to Normandy

Our last stop in Normandy takes some beating! We stayed on the best aire we have come across to date at Beauvoir, from there it’s a 3km walk or cycle ride to Mont Saint Michel. The aire located on the outskirts of Beauvoir was opened in 2018 and I would describe as “beautiful”. We were lucky and had a sunny clear day for our cycle ride to Mont Saint Michel, bit of a hike up to the top, after leaving our bikes at the bottom obviously, but well worth the climb!

Close to the aire (up a bit of a hill though, so the ebikes came into their own), there’s a working windmill, Ray loves to know how things worked so we “did the tour” which we really enjoyed.

Great end to the day when Phil and Carol (HappiHalls) who were parked up nearby came and introduced themselves (thank you guys!), and, large part of a bottle of gin later, we’ve made some new motorhome friends and confirmed that the liner-for-two has plenty of space for socialising.... so if you see us on your travels, please come and say hello, gin/wine/beer are always on offer!

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