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Finally on the road again...

So this was the time in every ones lives across the world where we were all thinking and talking about Coronavirus (Covid-19), it was and still is a time of worry for so many for various reasons. However life has to go on as far as possible and like lots of others we were very keen to get back into our motorhome (JaC) after 4 months of lockdown and to try to bring some form of normality back into our lives. Our first stop was Lincoln as we needed to get our habitation and mechanical service carried out at Camper UK, all went very well with that 👍 (thank you again Camper UK!) and we enjoyed some time at their lovely Leisure Park in the peace and tranquility of the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside... having a change of scenery after 4 months of lockdown was just the best thing!


A little update on our thoughts of the Carthago "liner-for-two"

We’ve had our motorhome now for almost 18 months (albeit 4 months in lockdown) and we have loved every day we've been in it. That’s not to say we we don't like our "brick" home as well but being in the motorhome and seeing so many different places just brings a new dimension to life that we don't think you can get with bricks and mortar!

We always keep our eye on what new motorhomes and gadgets are coming out and have to say our liner-for-two is still the perfect model for us and our plans for the future. We did wonder initially whether the drop down bed would feel like a compromise (our previous motorhome had a fixed bed) but it definitely hasn’t been a compromise, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes to set the bed up and in return you get a large comfortable bed AND a fantastic rear lounge.

Due to COVID-19 we have used the onboard facilities much more than previously so we have really tested these out now - the shower is brilliant, onboard cooking works well and Maria’s even baked some cakes in the oven, we have a great little toasty sandwich maker too, the rear lounge is perfect for relaxing and watching TV, we continue to be really impressed with the quality of our motorhome.

.... I think you’ll get the message, we are still very much in love with our line-for-two ... 😉


We felt like we needed a Norfolk-fix again and so headed in that direction stopping off at the Orchard Holiday Park in Frampton near the Lincolnshire / Norfolk border, and made the most of surrounding countryside on our e-bikes. Ray loves giving JaC a good clean so out with the bucket and brush... and we crossed into Norfolk with a gleam and a shine!


Our next campsite was picture of peace and calm, interrupted only by the bleating of the nearby sheep, we kept extending our stay, enjoying the nearby village of Neatished and the fabulous take-away pizzas from Ye Olde Saddlery pub.


We are very lucky to have friends who have a boat on the Norfolk Broads, what could be better than spending a day on the Broads with our friends, stopping off for a picnic in a secluded spot, enjoying the scenery, water and wildlife, finished off with dinner by the riverside.... thank you very much Lawt and Lyn!


The CL (certified location) in the centre of Wroxham next to the river is one of our favourite spots, its very popular with everyone so we considered ourselves lucky to get booked in for one night and spent 24 hours just watching the world go by on the river through the town while enjoying take away fish & chips from the very popular "Ken's Fish & Chips".


We were catching up with other friends in Sherwood Forest so we forced ourselves out of Norfolk and headed to Nottinghamshire. Sherwood Forest Holiday Park was our base and we loved our spot by the little river surrounded by geese and ducks, the geese seemed to listen to Ray, the UK's first "goose whisperer"😉✋


Each day we cycled to Sherwood Forest Centerparcs where our friends were based, again so good to catch up with our lovely friends face-to-face and enjoy some BBQs. One lesson learnt though is to closely check the sky/the weatherapp /whatever before you set off on your cycle ride - we got caught in a nasty thunderstorm, and it's no fun in a forest in a storm as the light is fading... no doubt you all heard Maria scream when she thought she had been hit by lightning! 😳⚡️😱 Two drowned rats returned to the campsite that night!


The final stop on our trip was to Rutland Water, again another beautiful, peaceful location. We stayed at Pheasants Roost at Oakham which is a working farm, B&B and small campsite, the site is fab, even the facilities building is beautiful! It’s a great location for Rutland Water, and we took the opportunity to cycle the 20 mile path around it (the eBikes are excellent, thank you Peter, Rutland Cycling Cambridge). There’s two bird/wildlife centres en route so plenty to keep you entertained in the open air.


It felt so good to be back in our lovely motorhome, and we are still thinking of ways to personalise it and organise all our stuff... watch this space for more about this in future blogs. We are planning another trip in September once the schools are back and the campsites are quieter again, our thoughts keep changing due to coronavirus but at the moment we are thinking we may travel along the south coast of England... our next blog will reveal!


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