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NEC Feb 2020 ...all the fun of the show!

So, we have our lovely Carthago liner-for-two, still less than a year old, and we have almost all the kit we could possibly want (Ray will always find something new though) so how did we manage to spend three days at the NEC motorhome show in February, and still feel like we could have stayed longer?

.... firstly because we love looking at motorhomes! We started with the Carthago stand, there’s always a buzz of activity there and plenty to see - all the main models were on show with their impressive new logos. Everyone seems to have their own favourite model and ours is obviously the liner for two though we also love the new interiors in the e-line, very modern and sleek!

And we always have a look in the latest Malibu vans, if we ever decide to downsize, we think we would opt for one of these!

.... secondly because we love talking to other people about motorhomes and we really enjoyed catching up with some well-known motorhome bloggers / vloggers who we follow.

We had more opportunity to “talk motorhomes” when Carthago invited us to spend some time on their stand giving a user’s perspective to those interested in the liner for two... and that’s what we really love about the shows, the chance to talk about motorhomes and travel, to share our love of our liner for two and to hear the plans and dreams that other people have.

... thirdly because we love checking out the latest gadgets for motorhomes and the latest travel information

So all in all here is a picture that summarises a fab few days.... and now looking forward to the next show!


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