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First birthday 🎁

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

This month saw the 1st birthday of our lovely Carthago liner-for-two. The Coronavirus outbreak meant we couldn’t eat birthday cake in our motorhome but it didn’t stop us doing so at home!

We have been remembering the excitement we felt when we picked him up from Camper UK ... the comprehensive handover by Neil and Joe, staying at Camper UK's Leisure Park, meeting John and Kelly while starting to learn about all the features of our fantastic new motorhome. It became our full time home for the next six months as we set off on our tour of England, France, Germany and the Netherlands. See earlier blogs for details.

During our travels we met some lovely people from all over Europe who share the same passion as us "motorhomes, travelling and exploring", many of whom we are still in contact with and plan to see again on our future travels.

On our tour we also had the opportunity to meet some equally passionate people from Carthago and who have been so helpful over the past year... thank you Larissa, Tobi, Shirin, Annika, Peter and Jürgen. While we were in Germany we took the opportunity to take a fascinating factory tour of Carthago in Aulendorf to see how our liner-for-two model was built.

We are looking forward to enjoying more time in our liner-for-two travelling and exploring. We are using this time during the Coronavirus lockdown to follow other blogs and vlogs to help us plan our further travels. Watch this space for more .....

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