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Luckiest people in the world ...

We feel like the luckiest people in the world and are buzzing with excitement.... 14 months after seeing a video at the Feb 18 Birmingham NEC show of a new motorhome being developed by Carthago, we have taken delivery of one of the first liners-for-two in the UK. Of course we’ve given him a name, he’s Jac and together we’re off on a 6 month tour of UK/Europe.

Handover at Camper UK

Camper UK provided us with an excellent handover yesterday. We thought it might take an hour or so as we are familiar with motorhomes but 4 hours later we were still asking questions, there is so much to learn! We videoed some of the handover so that we could watch it again later. A big thank you to Joe, Neil and the team at Camper UK for all your support and patience!

We are thrilled with our new liner-for-two. We knew we would love it and we do! Our first drive was quieter and smoother than we had experienced in other motorhomes before. We found it reverses easily down narrow country lanes and does excellent 3 point turns when you drive down a narrow country lane that turns out to be closed... not an ideal experience on your first journey! The outside temperature was 3°C last night but we were toasty warm, the bed is huge and very comfortable, the rainshower works very well, we love having constant hot water, and the living area at the back feels just like being at home. We’ve managed to fit in everything we brought, we’ll be adding to this later this month but at present we think we will have more than enough storage with the double floor construction. So far we can’t fault our liner-for-two!

Celebration time!

We are now parked up in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside where we have ongoing support from them with learning how everything works. Additionally the Camper UK Open weekend starts on Friday so we are attending that and then we plan to spend the rest of the month in the UK getting to know our new motorhome before we head off to France next month. More to follow.

Enjoying the sunset

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