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More Brittany postcards

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

PLOUMANAC’H was our next major stop. In 2015 it was voted "the village most preferred by the French”. We could see their point - it’s a very pretty village on a jagged coastline dominated by pink granite rock formations. Tourony Camping in nearby Trégastel was our home for a few nights...

There’s a popular 5km walk around the area that takes in much of the pink granite rock coastline and some interesting sculptures in the village park. Be warned the tide comes in very quickly - don’t get distracted by your drone and photography activity... so shoes and socks off, jeans rolled up and only option to wade back to shore, not very dignified!!

We survived and moved on to CARANTEC, we found an aire behind this small beach town but some friendly French passers-by directed us to a great parking location on Kelenn beach and we managed to get a great spot overlooking the sea. After some fantastic “moules et frites” at one of the beach-side restaurants, Chez Gaby, we enjoyed the sea views for the rest of the day from our motorhome.

For a while we were hopeful that we could stay at our beachside location overnight until we spotted the sign indicating daytime parking only for motorhomes (that will be why the other motorhomes had gone!)... but we only had to go behind the restaurants to find overnight motorhome parking, so we were back on the beach first thing next morning!

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