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Our Normandy postcards...

We are spending May in northern France (Normandy and Brittany) and our first main stops have been Étretat and Honfleur on the Normandy coast - 80 miles almost due south of Brighton favourites of Claude Monet for a bit of painting! Both towns have loads of character, Étretat is dominated by white chalk cliffs with stunning views from the top, a beautiful grey pebble beach and green seas and Honfleur by Le Vieux Bassin, the old harbour.

Etretat beach

Honfleur harbour

Honfleur harbour

In Étretat we stayed on the municipal campsite on the outskirts of the town, alternatively there is an aire next door. In Honfleur we parked up on the huge aire overlooking the marina.

Our new e-bikes got their first real test in Étretat - we cycled up the 15% gradient to check out the views from the cliff tops - amazing bikes and amazing views!!

Definitely loving our liner-for-two and this motorhome life!

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