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Personalising our motorhome

We’ve now had our liner for two for 18 months, initially we just threw in all the kit we had from our previous motorhome and hit the road as we were so keen and excited to be on our way. Since then we’ve given more thought to personalising our van. Ray can turn his hand to making most things so that helps... he’s fitted bedside storage boxes and removable fans in the bedroom (as we didn’t opt for air conditioning), some additional USB points in useful places, toothbrush holders in the bathroom, organisers for some of the drawers so it’s easier to quickly lay your hands on what you need. As the bed has a square cut out of the bottom we’ve even managed to make some fitted sheets ourselves.

We have also made a little mounting plate for our smoke detector and fitted a wireless temperature sensor for the fridge / freezer.

A few ornaments and pictures have been purchased along the way and of course our bears are always with us. One of our friends made some bunting for us which we put above the bed early on and we’ve taken some of our favourite photos from our travels last year and turned them into cushions for the bed and lounge area.

Coronavirus has necessitated more use of the facilities in the motorhome, including the kitchen and the tech tower oven... home-made soups, cakes and a range of dinners have been successfully made and enjoyed with a glass or 2 of wine! The end of summer means we are now spending more time inside, enjoying the rear lounge. We opted for carpets on the floor which are increasingly welcome as the weather cools here in the UK.

The speedometer is not as visible as we would have liked so Ray has created an alternative version, using an old sim-less smart phone and a home-made rest for it - it’s now in easy view when driving and so we have no excuse for any speeding tickets! (screen not always so dirty!).

We love getting out and about on our e-bikes ( for more detail) and can get them in and out of the motorhome within a couple of minutes, which wasn’t the case at first, you do need to work out a technique in order to make best use of the “garage” space.... this short video shows how we do it.

Click photo or link below...

Our motorhome continues to be much loved and gets lots of care and attention 😉

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