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Postcards from South West Germany

Such good fun to be joined by some friends from home while we were in south west Germany - thank you to Al Nettie Rob Ben for travelling with us for a week 😀 We met up in Horb am Neckar, a pretty town in Baden-Württemberg but where our fitness levels were somewhat tested by the terrain, with the campsite at the top of the steep hill and the town at the bottom!

You cannot come to this part of Germany and not go to Lake Constance. Although we couldn’t get booked up on a campsite by the lakeside, we didn’t let that stop us - e-bikes, ferries and buses got us a couple of fab days out to Immenstadt and Meersburg.

The architecture and the colours of the buildings in some of the towns are just beautiful, these are just two of about a hundred photos we have taken of them...

... and it’s not just the architecture that was very attractive 😉

Now we’re off to explore some of the Romantic Road, a picturesque route through the forests and mountains of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg 😀

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