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Second birthday of our liner-for-two ... How can two years be so different!

This month is the second anniversary of our purchase of a Carthago liner for two from Camper UK - we felt like the luckiest people in the world and we will never forget our excitement, everyone who has a motorhome will know what it feels like on pick-up day, it’s like Christmas Day on speed!!

Reflecting back, what we never could have known was how different the two years would be! The first year included an amazing six month trip taking in UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. There was no Brexit rules and no coronavirus. We had a level of freedom to travel that we can only dream of now and may never have again!

A tiny fraction of what we did included seeing amazing sunsets off the Norfolk coast, tasting gorgeous champagnes in Epernay France, eating the tastiest moules et frites in the Brittany sunshine, cycling some beautiful routes along the Romantic Road in Germany and touring historical windmills in Kinderdyke, the Netherlands. Our six months of travel in 2019 is summarised in our earlier blog of 12 Oct 2019. (

Our trip was originally planned for 2021 but with some inner sixth sense and advice and encouragement from Tim our financial adviser, we decided life was too short to wait and brought it forward to 2019... for that subconscious foresight we will be forever grateful!

For our second year with our liner for two, we can only smile ruefully as we think back to our hopeful planning in early 2020. With potential early retirement on the cards for both of us we thought we would head to the north of Scotland in summer 2020 and then gradually work our way down to the south of Spain by Christmas.... how wrong we were!! We are grateful though that during the periods when the lockdowns were eased we did manage some happy travels in our motorhome and plenty yummy fish and chips along the beautiful south eastern coasts of England not too far from our home.

Now we are planning again, tentatively this time!! Wales in May almost certainly, Scotland in the summer hopefully, France or Spain before the end of the year possibly...

What have we learnt? Make the most of life while you can and never take anything for granted!! Stay safe all 😍


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