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First impressions

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Well, what can we say, our new Carthago liner-for-two is fantastic, we are completely in love with it! Here are our first impressions after living in it for two weeks...

The back end lounge is spacious and comfortable, we haven’t had this layout before but this definitely works for us.

The bed over the driving area is huge and very comfortable so we are sleeping well, very important when you plan to spend six months living in it initially! The large water tanks and rain shower plays to our love of showering. We’ve successfully made a few meals in the kitchen area. The Alde heating system and Gaslow refillable gas cylinders, both new to us, kept us toasty warm in the week we picked it up when the temperatures were unseasonably low! The underfloor heating effect is an added bonus keeping our feet warm as we move around. It’s easy to drive, with great all-round visibility and definitely the quietest motorhome we’ve experienced when on the move. In addition, the yacht style interior ("wow it's just like a yacht", to quote one friend), the high quality furniture and fittings, the large slide out TV and the mood lighting all help to make it look and feel really special.

The opportunity to stay on the Camper UK campsite near Lincoln the night after pick-up enabled us to continue to ask questions and the prompt rectifying of the couple of issues we had was appreciated. We then stayed on at the campsite for a few more days and enjoyed the Camper UK Open Weekend. After a fun Easter in Yorkshire with some family and friends we have now moved on to Norfolk for a few days.

So far we are loving our new nomadic lifestyle. Next week we will be adding in e-bikes and barbecue but have no doubts that the storage areas will be able to accommodate everything.

So.... what’s not to love!!

A vlog of our first impressions will follow shortly. If you want to see this and further vlogs over the next few months, of our travels and experience of living in our liner-for-two as we move onto the continent, please subscribe (it's free of course) to our YouTube channel GoneAwayGlamping. Comments or thoughts on what you would like to hear about are very welcome.

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