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Visit to Carthago City

It’s often high on the bucket list of motorhome owners to visit the factories where our motorhomes were built and see how they are made. A few years ago we did the tour of the Autotrail plant at Grimsby, and now, one of our first stops in Germany was Aulendorf to visit Carthago City (head office of Carthago) and see the liners-for-two and other Carthago motorhomes being built.

Carthago City has a camping place for guests with motorhomes so we parked up there the night before and then spent the following morning touring the Carthago factory and looking around the showroom. It was so fascinating to see how our motorhome was built, four weeks from start to finish, much of it made on the factory floor from the raw materials before being pieced together from the inside out, and we learnt more about Carthago’s philosophy and commitment to quality. Having been caught in a few big storms recently we were also heartened to hear about it’s unbeatable lightning protection. Big thanks to Larissa, Tobi and Shirin for their time and for answering the many questions we asked.

More photos from Carthago City can be found in the travel section of the website

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